The purpose of this article to teach traders how to open trades based on my experience and how I sort it based on risks.

Is BTC Safe?

The most important parameter you cannot dismiss. If no, then don’t force to make a trade. If you already know that is not safe, be patient, this could last for days this is a medium to high-risk zone. Especially if the setup is prone for BTC to have a sudden drop, this could be shown on a bearish wave, bearish descending triangle, consolidation around resistance, etc.

Know your setup

I generally put a trading setup into three categories.

  1. High…

Understanding the similarities of attributes between recurring pattern that happened repetitively for years.

Bullish Pattern


Let’s put a new start, and let’s document everything that happened. Every gain, every loss, every stop loss, and every lost profit. Most importantly, let’s document every thought and decision so it’ll be a well planned one.

Rules on investing

  1. Always put a stop sell at everything, includes on gain and losses. You’ll never know when it’ll reach it and you don’t have 24/7 to stare at the screen.

Main Things to Consider

  1. This will be a documented effort on buying crypto in a span for a week or so, not swing trading. …

It’s beautiful and I love getting my brain to think! I love taking risks and learning along the way. I wrote this article to document my lessons learned because I want other people to study from my experiences. What I’m doing here is trying to explain some technical analysis which is the study of the behavior of mass people as crypto is not the same as stock trading as stock are heavily influenced by the company performance (change of board directors, partnership establishment, annual recurring revenue, etc.) Crypto has less influence on any entity as it’s not the same as…

“The only wrong decision that you can make is the decision that you didn’t make by yourself”

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Part 1 : The Opening

Even though 2020 starts in January I do want to step back for some moments last year on the day I got admitted into my current uni. 😃 As you can see on the pic below that I didn’t show the best of expressions… In fact most of it revolves on regret that I didn’t research as much as I should had been about choosing a major when I left high school. I was just too ignorant of myself and I always thought, “I’ll be fine.” Well disclosure, I did some research, but it…

Life sucks and is full of uncertainties. With things that are most of the time beyond our reach to handle. Most times, things feel unfair and overwhelming in so many ways.

Uncertainty sparks fear, fear of the unknown. Fear that things might not go well or did not go as we intended to or originally planned to be. One inborn error is to feel that life is created and reserved for us. Life is always full of options and one option might often delete another. Dread is where we feel we took the wrong option, stuck in wondering whether we…

I have just struck an awful realization that it is possible that he is not happy for his life, because of me..

It’s not a typical topic that anyone could bring in a dinner table, but heck, i don’t even have one.

My dad finally bids his final goodbye to the dream job that he wished as a kid, return his lended laptop, ipad, licenses and all of that.

For once he thought, working at IBM will be a really amazing thing to achieve. It is. It will always still be.

Truth is after work, he rarely seems happy. He always took a bus for his ride home. We can’t afford a car and waiting for public transportation isn’t the best way…

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes got much more to think about than just an action CGI film.

It challenged and shows us an image of man primacy, based on our very own instinct. It shows us where intelligence walks along side domination. When Caesar met a dog on a leash he wonder if he has the same fate as the dog, a pet. He view man having a superiority. Man dominate. He find it strange that he was the only ape that could freely roam the forest. Unlike other ape, was kept in shelter. Freedom of the…

A Human Embryo, about 3 days old, on a tip of a pin.

To sit down and admit that "I" was one day a one cell organism, as insignificantly small just like the tip of your nearest ballpoint

We all grow and the cells do their job backed by an unknown force that most of us still skeptic about, to become the beautiful functional complex organism, just to spit on our God face, acknowledging his existence.

God successfully smoothened the trace of his existence, none have the right to ask why. But dumb enough to deny his existence or bury it in denial.

When the time has come, we realized God gifted us…

Rafi Amjadrasyid

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