Harmony In Life

Rafi Amjadrasyid
2 min readApr 9, 2018


A Human Embryo, about 3 days old, on a tip of a pin.

To sit down and admit that "I" was one day a one-cell organism, as insignificantly small just like the tip of your nearest ballpoint

We all grow and the cells do their job backed by an unknown force that most of us are still sceptical about, to become the beautiful functional complex organism, just to spit on our God's face, unacknowledging his existence.

God successfully smoothened the trace of his existence, none have the right to ask why. But dumb enough to deny his existence or bury it in denial.

When the time has come, we realized God gifted us time to think, to think that all lies a purpose, but when it was too late, there will be no second chance, there never was.

Life wasn't a train in a railroad, a railroad we often call faith. We all have a chance, the future was always a branching network, waiting to take a path in. The hard road was never easy, it just takes some will and time to understand.

The hands of God were everywhere, you’d only realize it when you live in the world where voices are eaten, smells are being stepped, and the nature of physics is no longer irrelevant. Once you think there’s no force for the foundation of gravity and bury God in denial. One day you’d wish to be created as mud, and feel not worthy to be a humankind.

The Milkyway Galaxy