What The Rise of the Planet of the Apes taught me about Man Primacy & Intelligence

Rafi Amjadrasyid
3 min readApr 9, 2018


The Rise of the Planet of the Apes got much more to think about than just an action CGI film.

It challenged and shows us an image of man primacy, based on our very own instinct. It shows us where intelligence walks along side domination. When Caesar met a dog on a leash he wonder if he has the same fate as the dog, a pet. He view man having a superiority. Man dominate. He find it strange that he was the only ape that could freely roam the forest. Unlike other ape, was kept in shelter. Freedom of the apes is caged by a thing called inferiority. It came in many form, this time is from the gap between intelligence.

Caesar shows if the apes could have the same intelligence as man, apes could finally be free and live alongside man.

Man have never experienced this. The closest thing that was near to that scenario was the Neanderthals, the closest species from Homo sapiens. Probably had the same intelligence level. Wonder what happened to the Neanderthals? We ate them. Homo sapiens always enjoyed domination from Ancient Rome to modern day Libyan slaves. We even had a special age where we sort of legalizes slavery. Because what man favors always chained by conformity, when other people does it, it’ll be okay if you do it also.

It doesn’t seem real when we see it that way, yet it’s the truth. It makes us sound like savages grieving for every bit of pleasure we could get. Unrestricted from any construct. (Yet) when we ascend that level, we became something more… Just like the roman emperor likes to throw breadcrumbs to the peasant. He enjoys that feeling.

When we talk about this in term of population, not as an individual. Human society works this way. Even if it’s not directly you see your boss throwing you breadcrumbs, but some of us must work very fucking hard just to get a little piece of money, think about the homeless, the vagabonds. Late night, carrying a little bit of luck, hoping they could survive not eating until tomorrow. 2/3 the population of my nation survives a day with less than 2$. When we see it that way.

We are the Ruthless Ancient Roman Emperors. Or even worse we don’t throw breadcrumbs at all, we let them suffer. We let them starve to death. Our busyness and daily life makes an impenetrable wall to see such rough truth.

It’s a fortune that if we could full our stomach at the end of the day, or maybe having a ceiling over our head. It’s a blessing that not everyone could have.

Despite all that, we could change that. We could always change the course of history. The poor is left poor not because they’re unintellectual, Some of them probably never even got a chance to tell.

We need to stop perceiving the lower-class of man as numerals. We need to see them as an individual. To help the unfortunate. After all education was always a right for each of us. Ignorant will no longer to be a norm to mankind, it’ll sure be a sin for how unbeneficial this disease to us.

Until when Caesar came to life. And from the day when we eradicate the Neanderthals, we were given enough time to see. Mankind shouldn’t thrive by domination, we should teach others and cherish. Not to walk the staircase of knowledge alone, but to walk together. To transcend to be a better human being, not just for myself but for us, to a better generation for Homo sapiens.